Runner Shows Class in Final Indoor Mile Race

Liam Galligan, a Senior on the Franciscan University Track and Field team, had a tough end to his final indoor race. After advancing through the prelims with a 4:09 mile, Galligan had his sights set on a Top 8 All-American finish in the finals. The race went out fast and had some jostling for position early on. Midway through the race Galligan was sitting behind the pack patiently waiting to make his move when he was tripped up and fell to the track. He immediately popped up and crawled his way back to finish 9th place overall. One spot shy of All American honors.

Liam could have protested the fall and likely would have been named an All American. But Galligan knew if he protested then one of the runners who beat him would not get the All American honors. He didn’t want to take away that honor from someone who also worked hard to get to this spot. After the race he simply said said “that’s racing for you.” Liam Galligan’s incredible character and humility are a great example of true sportsmanship. Liam keep up the good work and continue to inspire others!

Video shot and edited by Grace Galligan

Photo via Franciscan Athletics 

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