NEVER GIVE UP! This Young Hurdler Didn’t Let a Fall Determine Her Race!

Abigail Dennis of Old Tappan High School showed the ultimate determination this past weekend. During her preliminary heat of the 100m Hurdles at the Bergen County Championships in New Jersey she took a hard fall on the second hurdle. Instead of throwing in the towel, she hopped right up and kept racing. She was able to work her way back into the race and finish first overall in her heat and second overall in the preliminary rounds. Her grit and determination earned her a spot in the final where she took FIRST overall in a new Personal Best time of 14.28!

“I had a bit of a choppy start in the prelims so I kind’ve expected not to do as well as I would’ve liked, but I didn’t expect that superman fall, but when I knew I didn’t hurt anything, I knew that I had to redeem myself because no one wants to go out like that in counties,” said Dennis. Dennis’s also won the 100 on Friday and the 200 today to help lead Old Tappan to the Group B team title.


The video of Aigail’s race has gone viral on social media, and for good reason! Her persistence and determination prove that the race is never over until the end so keep pushing!

Everyone Needs a Teammate Like This Young Boy

the ultimate teammate

A great team starts with a great leader. The video below is a prime example of what it means to be a great teammate. When your teammates are down you pick them back up! Bob was clearly upset and frustrated with his performance on the Rugby pitch. “Everyone is older than me, everyone is bigger than me” he cried.

His shorter teammate was right there to pick him up and let him know how good he actually was. “Look at me. I’m the shortest kid here, it doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter your size” he exclaimed. Reassuring his teammate that he was not as bad as he thought he was. We could all use a teammate like this young boy here!




Sorrow to Success: NCAA Champion Aliyah Boston

The ultimate champion is someone who NEVER gives up. Aliyah Boston turned her sorrow into success and never gave up on her dream. Last year during the Women’s March Madness Final Four, she missed the game winning layup to send South Carolina to the Championship game. She worked all offseason long to ensure she wouldn’t suffer the same fate as 2021. Aliyah and the Gamecocks dominated the 2022 Championship game and were named the Division 1 Women’s Basketball National Champions!


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After the game Aliyah even got to meet her idol, WNBA legend Candace Parker! Aliyah’s story is a great example of determination and hard work. Just because you fail once, doesn’t mean you throw in the towel. KEEP WORKING HARD!

Girl Born Without Arms Now Able to Eat With Friends

Tenley Stoker has lived her whole life without arms. She has missed out on some of the simple joys of life, like eating food with a spoon or fork. The 10-year-old from Stevensville, Montana was used to eating lunch on her own with an assistant who fed her bite by bite. This all changed when her parents learned of a high-tech feeding device known as Obi that scoops and serves food on a spoon for those who need assistance.

“It has really empowered her and changed her as a person,” Stoker’s father, Mathieu Stoker, told PEOPLE Magazine. “With this [device] she’s in the normal lunch room visiting with her peers, eating all the same foods they’re eating at her own pace.”

Jon Dekar, a 34 year old Engineer and inventor, created this product to help transform the lives of users. Dekar was first inspired to create Obi during his freshman year in high school after watching his grandfather slowly lose his independence. He developed the first prototype in 2006 as an engineering student at the University of Dayton. “It’s about giving back a sense of independence,” says Dekar, who explains that many users often cry when they first use the machine. “Being able to truly eat independently just means the world to them.” via PEOPLE Magazine.


Runner Shows Class in Final Indoor Mile Race

Liam Galligan, a Senior on the Franciscan University Track and Field team, had a tough end to his final indoor race. After advancing through the prelims with a 4:09 mile, Galligan had his sights set on a Top 8 All-American finish in the finals. The race went out fast and had some jostling for position early on. Midway through the race Galligan was sitting behind the pack patiently waiting to make his move when he was tripped up and fell to the track. He immediately popped up and crawled his way back to finish 9th place overall. One spot shy of All American honors.

Liam could have protested the fall and likely would have been named an All American. But Galligan knew if he protested then one of the runners who beat him would not get the All American honors. He didn’t want to take away that honor from someone who also worked hard to get to this spot. After the race he simply said said “that’s racing for you.” Liam Galligan’s incredible character and humility are a great example of true sportsmanship. Liam keep up the good work and continue to inspire others!

Video shot and edited by Grace Galligan

Photo via Franciscan Athletics 

Girl Scores Her First Basket and Celebrates with Dad

Every parent dreams of the moment their kid scores their first point. This father-daughter duo shared a touching embrace after scoring her first ever basket! Immediately after hitting a contested shot her first reaction was to run right over to Dad for a big hug. They embrace on the court for a few seconds before realizing the team needed their 5th player on defense. A quick moment that will be remembered forever!



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From Server to SportsCenter

Max Magee was working as a server five years ago at The Capital Grille and Famous Dave’s. After completing college this was where Max found himself. After more than 250 job applications he finally landed his first TV job. In October, he got an audition with ESPN after he applied for a position through LinkedIN. Max Magee just finished his first week with SportsCenter as an on air TV talent.

Never stop chasing your dreams!



Girl Asks Rejected Classmate to Prom and Receives Special Surprise

Homecoming is one of the biggest dances for a lot of High School students. After Daniel Rivas was turned down on his offer to homecoming, his classmate decided to see if he would like to go with her. Kylie Fronius didn’t hesitate to ask Daniel to prom when she heard he was in need of a date. Daniel has down syndrome and wanted to attend homecoming but was rejected on his offer.

Kylie stepped up when she heard Daniel couldn’t find a date. The duo was surprised to see FOX 5 Las Vegas on the big night and enjoyed various gifts from the news team. Including a pre dance dinner, red carpet arrival and much more! Watch the touching video below for the full story on this high school duo’s magical night!



“I don’t think of kids that have a disability as being different,”-Kylie Fronius