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It doesn't matter whether you're a budding athlete, an artist striving to reach the next level, a professional trying to build a better career, or a high schooler trying to maximize your potential—sometimes we all need a little inspiration to be our best selves. Here you'll find encouraging and inspiring stories that will help you give it your best shot.

The world’s oldest practicing doctor has become a TikTok sensation. At 100 years old, he says he wants to inspire young people to do what they love.

Dr Howard Tucker holds a Guinness World Record for being the oldest practicing doctor, having begun his career as a neurologist in 1947 and continuing to work on the frontlines for another
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This Indigenous Scientist Helped Save Lives as COVID Devastated the Navajo Nation

“How do you tell a community in the United States that has no running water or electricity to wash their hands?” Crystal Lee drives hours through dust on Route 66 past
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Landis Sims has no hands or feet but can hit a curveball. His journey is now a movie.

Eric Cochran was looking for an inspirational story eight years ago when he visited a softball team camp for limb-deficient kids in Mission Viejo, Calif., put on by the Wounded Warrior
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92-year-old Grandma & Grandson on Mission to Visit every US National Park Together

Brad Ryan, 41, and his 92-year-old grandmother, Joy Ryan, are nearing the finish line on a goal they once thought was impossible: visiting all 63 U.S. national parks together. The
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Valedictorian with Nonverbal Autism Delivers Commencement Speech

  “God gave you a voice, use it! And no the irony of a nonspeaking autistic encouraging you to use your voice is not lost on me. Because if you
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NEVER GIVE UP! This Young Hurdler Didn’t Let a Fall Determine Her Race!

Abigail Dennis of Old Tappan High School showed the ultimate determination this past weekend. During her preliminary heat of the 100m Hurdles at the Bergen County Championships in New Jersey
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This Four-Year-Old has Become a Skateboarding Success

  A four-year-old has already built an online presence, gaining more than 130,000
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Girl Scores Her First Basket and Celebrates with Dad

Every parent dreams of the moment their kid scores their first point. This
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Gary Trent Jr. is Determined to Help His Friend Walk Again

  It was an eventful season for Gary Trent Jr. Not only did
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