Father and Daughter Break Stroller Mile World Record

Rob Holcomb and his baby daughter Greta broke the stroller mile Guinness World Record! The calm, crisp air on the morning of January 23rd proved to be ideal conditions for a record setting day. After two previous attempts, the third time was certainly the charm. The tandem finished the four lap race in a dashing time of 4:53 besting the previous record by over 3 seconds. After just missing the record in their first two attempts, the calm winds on the third attempt helped Rob push through the line.

Only 5 months-old and Greta is already a World Record holder! Not a bad resume for someone who has been on planet Earth for less than a year! The duo’s record setting run is a great example of never giving up! Even after two failed attempts, Rob was able to overcome the barrier and set a new stroller mile World Record!

Rob and Greta training for their WR attempt

Congratulations Rob and Greta!

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