Israeli Twins Finally See Each Other After Being Born Conjoined Back-to-Back


A year after these twins were born conjoined at the head, and back-to-back, they can finally meet each other face-to-face after undergoing rare separation surgery.

The Israeli twin girls’ surgery lasted more than 12 hours at the Soroka Medical Centre, and took months of preparations, as well as involved dozens of experts from Israel and abroad, the hospital said.

Soroka’s chief pediatric neurosurgeon Mickey Gideon told Reuters “This was a rare and complex surgery that has been conducted only 20 times worldwide and now, for the first time, in Israel.”

As seen in the photo, the twins are facing one another in a cot, with their heads bandaged. According to the hospital’s statement, the surgery involved cranial reconstruction and scalp grafts for both siblings.

“They are recovering nicely. They are breathing and eating on their own,” said the head of Soroka’s plastic surgery department, Edlad Silberstein.



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