The world’s oldest practicing doctor has become a TikTok sensation. At 100 years old, he says he wants to inspire young people to do what they love.

Dr Howard Tucker holds a Guinness World Record for being the oldest practicing doctor, having begun his career as a neurologist in 1947 and continuing to work on the frontlines for another 75 years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But more recently, he’s made a big break into viral fame with his new TikTok account. 

Tucker’s grandson, named Austin, and his friend Taylor Taglianetti, who have been making a movie about Tucker for the past year, decided to make a TikTok account for the neurologist as a way to promote their project.

“He struggles with technology, so even being able to explain something like TikTok to him was really tough,” Taglianetti told Insider, and said she and Austin have been filming videos of Tucker to post on the platform during their spare time on set for the film.

Ever since the pair posted their first video of Tucker in July, he’s been explosively popular, gaining hundreds of thousands of views on the platform. Tucker said he doesn’t know why his career “deserves all of this attention,” but he’s hoping to inspire his younger viewers to find a job they’ll still love doing when they’re 100.

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