This Hotel Bellboy’s Life Turned Around After a Wealthy Guest Left Him an Inheritance


A Turkish hotel bellboy’s life has completely changed after a British tourist left him the majority of a substantial inheritance.

When Charles George Courtney visited Turkey for his yearly vacation, he always stayed at the Korumar Hotel de Luxe in Aydin.

That’s where Courtney’s and Taskin Dasdan friendship began. Dasdan has now been working as a bellboy at the hotel for 31 years.

“We treat everyone the same. However, Charles George Courtney loved us very much. When he came to the hotel after a meeting, he would even entrust his money to me and ask me what I needed,” Dasdan told Turiz Majansi.

When Courtney died earlier this year, one thing his family and the hotel didn’t expect was for him to leave part of his fortune to some of the hotel staff, including Dasdan.

“He treated us as if we were part of his own family,” Dasdan said. “He even contributed to the education of my children…of course we were emotional.”

As of yet the exact amount of money left to the bellboy is unknown, he says it’s enough for him to “never have to work a day in his life again.”


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