For 15 Years This Cab Driver Has been Delivering Groceries to the Elderly


A cab driver from Calgary has been delivering groceries to seniors within his community for the past 15 years.

Every weekend, Iqbal Alimohd, a cab driver for Checker Cabs, who turns 70 this year, spends his day purchasing groceries for those within the community. At first, it was just a few regular clients. Now, he helps more than 20 seniors.

“With time going by, I see they’re not doing good,” Alimohd told CBC’s Calgary Eyeopener. “And then I told them, ‘From now on, I buy your groceries because you [don’t have] much energy left.”

During the week, his wife and his two sons help track orders for the seniors, while he does his day job. On Saturday’s he heads over to the Real Canadian Superstore, and buys all the groceries on the list, and delivers them. He only charges what he pays for the groceries.

“But my service, my daytime gas, I just charge nothing,” said Alimohd.

Since the start of the pandemic, his two sons, Faisal and Yasin, have started to help with the grocery runs.

“It was such a big commitment that whenever we would want to travel or go anywhere, he would be like, ‘Well, what are my seniors going to do on Saturday?’” Faisal said.

In addition to purchasing in delivering the groceries, Alimohd has become part of their families. He spends his time socializing with the seniors, driving them to appointments, and helping in any way he can.

In fact, his sons didn’t know how much their father has been there for them until they would hear from the seniors or their families.

“It’s uplifting in the sense that I hope other people may take upon it [and] pay it forwards,” said Faisal.

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