12-Year-Old becomes Youngest Ever Chess Grandmaster


Abhimanyu Mishra, an Indian American boy from New Jersey, has become the youngest ever chess grandmaster.

On Wednesday, Abhimanyu competed in Budapest, Hungary, and scored his third GM norm (an award that recognizes grandmaster-level performance at a chess tournament). At the age of 10, he held the title of International Master, and when he was just seven years old, Abhimanyu became the youngest Expert of the United States Chess Federation.



In order to secure the title of grandmaster, a player must achieve three grandmaster norms, as well as a 2500 Elo rating (the system that determines international chess rankings).

Before Abhimanyu, the title for youngest grandmaster belonged to Sergey Karjakin. It was a title he held for 19 years, after being named grandmaster at just 12 years and seven months.



Now, at the age of 12 years and four months (and 25 days), Abhimanyu has stolen that title. The 12-year-old spent several months in Budapest, playing back-to-back tournaments to chase the title and record.


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