Houses in Nigeria are Being Built Using Plastic Bottles


There’s a new way to build houses, and it’s proven to be quite a success in Nigeria. Not only is it durable, it’s cost-effective and sustainable as well. Houses are being built with plastic bottles. Can’t imagine it, right?

Well, people in Nigeria are constructing houses using discarded bottles, and so far, they’ve been able to make them so durable that they were resistant to earthquakes.

Builders use a mud mixture of sharp and laterite to fill the plastic bottles, and the bottles can then be used as blocks or to build a house’s foundation.

A 1,200-square-foot house requires an average of 14,000 plastic bottles. In the United States, more than 125 million plastic bottles get thrown away every day, with 80 percent ending up in landfills. Those bottles could build roughly 10,000 houses.

In fact, some experts argue that the houses are both durable and economically feasible, as each structure costs one-third of what a concrete house would cost.



Watch below, to see what a house made of plastic bottles looks like.


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