A Man Who Won $145,000 on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Is Donating it all to Charity


California resident Scott Kolbrenner won $145,000 on popular TV show game ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ and he’s giving away his entire prize earnings to charity.

Kolbrenner told Good Morning America that this was his plan all along. “I said to my wife… ‘Anything that I get, let’s give it to charity. We’re very fortunate. Let’s see if we can support some others who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

Throughout the entire show that aired on March 18, luck was by his side. After he scored a $3,500 wedge, he landed next on the Express Wedge and kept building. Towards the end of the game, he racked up a total of $45,000. For the grand prize puzzle, the category question was “What Are You Wearing?” The show’s pre-set letters were R, S, T, L, N, and E, and for this category, Kolbrenner chose P, H, G, and O.

As soon as Vanna White finished turning the tiles, there were only six letters that remained hidden. With only ten seconds to answer, Kolbrenner correctly guessed: “Flowing White Gown.”

It was then revealed that the grand prize amount was $100,000, bringing Kolbrenner’s winnings to $145,000 and making him the fifth-biggest winner in Wheel’s 46-year history.


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