You Won’t Have an Excuse to Skip the Gym Again After Seeing this Baby Train with Rocky


Though it’s true that you can – and absolutely should – embark on a fitness journey no matter what age you are, it’s also true that the earlier you start, the better off you’re going to be.

And we know of at least one toddler who’s on pace to have a six-pack before his first day of kindergarten.

Story.IMG shared the hilarious – and absolutely inspiring – video above of a diaper-clad baby watching the iconic training scene from Rocky II, in which Sylvester Stallone does everything from one-handed push-ups and chin-ups to sledgehammer slams and log carries to prepare for his rematch with Apollo Creed.

Inspired by Rocky’s dedication and undeterred by the (extremely) high potential for HIIT-related diaper chafe, the baby follows right along with The Italian Stallion’s workouts, adorably mimicking his push-ups, sledgehammer swings, and other moves as best as his little body will allow.

It’s adorable, hilarious, and incredibly inspirational, especially to those of us who have spent a year claiming that we can’t work out because we simply don’t have the proper equipment at home.

If a shag carpet and a TV screen are good enough for Baby Rocky, they’re good enough for you.

In the words of Rocky’s iconic trainer Mickey, “What are waiting for… tickets?!?!



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