ESF 2023 Winter Awards

On January 28th, the ESF Leadership Team came together for a celebration to honor the amazing team members that helped us run a hugely successfully 2022 camp season. We are extremely grateful for everyone’s efforts and are so excited for the 2023 camp season! It will be one filled with special experiences that will allow our campers to continue enjoying what makes ESF Camps unique.

ESF team members who have worked for ESF from 3-20 years were honored for their contribution to our camps. Other awards given were:

The Ichiban Award is given to an individual that is recognized for consistently excelling and going above and beyond in many areas including camper and parent satisfaction, teamwork, leadership, and spirit. The Ichiban is one of the greatest of all Team awards.

The ESF Master Teacher inspires children and displays the most creative, fun, and captivating teaching style, going above and beyond as a teacher each and every day of the summer.

The Mark Solomon Make a Difference Award
Some people make the world a better place just by being in it. Mark Solomon is that type of person. He sees the good and promise in everyone, and he has committed his life to improving the lives of underserved children throughout the world. Wherever he goes and in whatever he does, Mark makes a difference! Mark has played a vital role in the success of Dream Camp Philadelphia since its humble beginnings in 2002. He is an incredible example of philanthropy, social action and stewardship to others, and ESF is tremendously grateful for his support and inspiration. The ESF Team is made up of amazing individuals doing extraordinary things to improve the world each and every day. Each year, ESF recognizes one Team member who has made an especially significant and lasting impact in his/her community with the Mark Solomon Make A Difference Award. Like Mark Solomon, the ESF Team members who receive this award are making a difference, and we salute them for their good works!

The Lucille Santo Award
Founded in 2014, the Lucille Santo Award is an award that recognizes someone on the Executive Team who is doing AMAZING work behind the scenes at headquarters and goes above and beyond to support the mission and intent of the organization.

The Jim Loehr Character Award is one of the highest achievements and bestowed annually to the team member who best represents ESF through extraordinary character and positive contributions to their camp community and inspires others to higher levels of achievement.

Congratulations to our 2022 camp season award recipients! Take a look at our photo album from Saturday’s event!


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