Nintendo Partners with Non-Profit Bringing Gaming Consoles to Hospitals


Nintendo and Starlight Children’s Foundation have partnered to install Nintendo Switch Gaming stations at hospitals and health care facilities across the country for children.

So far, the non-profit and Nintendo have rolled out gaming stations in some hospitals, with each station having a preload of more than 25 games, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the World and Super Mario Party.

The gaming stations have been designed and manufactured by the gaming console company, specifically for hospital settings. The stations are mounted on a playback monitor and can roll anywhere in the hospital, especially in playrooms with a group of other kids. The stations also meet the hospitals’ strict safety infection protocols, with the ability to be completely cleaned with disinfectant.

In fact, the non-profit also states that having gaming stations at the hospital not only provides entertainment, it also distracts the children from stressful situations – providing them with emotional support and reducing anxiety.

“They provide choices for kids, motivate them, and give them the opportunity to have fun when it is needed most,” said child life supervisor at Mary Bridge Julie Hertzog, in a statement.

According to a news release, over the past 28 years, the partnership between Nintendo and Starlight has delivered more than 7,200 gaming stations to over 800 hospitals and healthcare facilities across the country, helping approximately 11.6 million seriously ill children.


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