Cleveland Pitcher Allen Goes to Bat for His Brother


Cleveland pitching prospect Logan Allen doesn’t have any obvious tattoos on his pitching arm. But his right arm is heavily decorated, and one of those tattoos stands out from the rest. Just under the sleeve of his jersey is a question, spelled out in big black letters: What handicap?

Allen’s older brother Philip has a condition that’s comparable to more severe forms of cerebral palsy. And in an interview with The Athletic’s Zack Meisel, Allen opened up about their relationship. About how the two were close all through childhood. About how Philip loved going to Logan’s little league games. And about how Logan chose a high school baseball academy that was (relatively) close to home, making frequent flights back to see his brother.

Logan also talks about what Philip had to endure: the stares, the pointing, the rude comments. “I would never wish for someone to feel or have to understand what we, as a family, went through,” he told The Athletic. “But if you did have to go through what we went through, it would make you a better person. It made me and my family closer and better for it.”

For Logan, ‘What handicap?’ is more than just a tattoo. He plans to turn it into a foundation that supports people like his brother. Prior to the season he sold T-shirts with the phrase, and donated the proceeds to Miracle League. “I have a platform and the ability to make people understand that it’s something I’m passionate about. This is my life.”

Even as Logan navigates the ups and downs of baseball (he’s currently pitching with Cleveland’s AAA affiliate), his relationship with Philip has never wavered. He calls his older brother after every game he pitches in. “It just reminds you what you’re doing it for,” he told The Athletic. “Philip was what kept me grounded and what got me to where I am today.”

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