Under Pressure: Man Loses his Job, Turns Side Hustle into Success Story


Brandon Horne was among the many people who lost their jobs last March. He was a research coordinator at a local hospital, but was let go when the pandemic hit.

Horne bounced back fairly quickly. He was hired as an insurance salesman, but quickly decided that the job wasn’t for him. So he went out and scored a job as a marketing director at a different insurance firm, only to see that firm bought out and his job disappear.

“I was thinking how I was going to feed my son, because I had one son at that time, and I instantly just went to thinking how I was going to provide,” he told the Winston-Salem Chronicle. “I knew pressure washing season was about to crank up, so I was thinking, ‘You know what, let’s just do this 100%.’”

“This” was Brandon’s Pressure Washing Services, a small business he owned that had always been more of a side hustle. But with his fiancee’s blessing and the help of a new business coach — not to mention Brandon’s undivided focus — he was able to turn Brandon’s Pressure Washing Services into a fully-fledged business.

His success is largely self-made, and it would be easy for Brandon to be selfish with what he has. But all he’s done is give back: by helping employ young men in his community, and by offering guidance to young entrepreneurs. He says of betting on yourself: “It can be a scary thing sometimes, but just pray on it and if your motives are right and your heart is right, it will work out for you.

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