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Whether you’re trying to get to the Olympics or simply get more out of life, taking care of your mind and body is a necessary first step. Here you’ll find tips for building healthier habits, like making time for meditation or fine-tuning your fitness.

Robin Williams Asked Production Company to Hire 10 Homeless People in Every Movie He Filmed

  Robin Williams was well known for his successful acting career. Regarded as one of the best comedic actors of all time, Williams was much more than an actor. According
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Pilot Leaves Airline After 40 Years to Fly With His 2 Pilot Daughters

Long time pilot of Malaysian Airlines left his 40-year career to fly with his two daughters. Safia Anisa and her sister both landed jobs at the airline carrier AirAsia after
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Moses Elder Helps Locals

Homeless Holiday Helper Gives Back

Moses Elder gave back in a big way during the holiday season. Phoenix locals were surprised when they received a $100 bill after giving their own money to the homeless.
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New Study Shows a Pecan-Rich Diet Can Reduce Cholesterol

  New research conducted by the University of Georgia shows that increasing pecans in your diet can dramatically improve a person’s cholesterol level. The research was assigned to 52 adults
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Studies Show Doing Physical Activity During Depression Reduces Symptoms and Increases Brain’s Ability to Change

  Doing any sort of physical activity helps our brain and body in positive ways. Now, a new study shows that doing physical activities while depressed can reduce its symptoms,
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Ashley Tisdale Says Pilates and Yoga Helped Heal Her Diastasis Recti

  After four months of giving birth to her first child, Ashley Tisdale, 35, is celebrating her newly-healed body. Tisdale opened up to her fans on social media about her
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This YouTuber Says Meditating Changed His Life

  A YouTuber who meditated for 1,000 days straight says it’s transformed his
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How Gardening Twice a Week Can Improve Wellbeing and Relieve Stress

  According to a new study by StudyDirect, frequent gardening can increase health
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Planning to Take a Mental Health Day? Here’s How You Can Take Full Advantage of Its Benefits

  Stress is something we all experience. It might stem from our job,
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