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Young man without legs makes his middle school’s basketball team

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WLKY) – A young man in Kentucky who was born without legs is inspiring others to go after their dreams.

Despite his disability, Josiah Johnson made the basketball team at his middle school in Louisville.

“It’s just like something had to do it. You know?” Josiah said. “I don’t want you to doubt me. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you are. And I’m just as good as you are, if not better than you.”

Josiah has been playing basketball since kindergarten, but this is his first year on a team. He’s never let any limitations slow him down.

“He shows up every day. If we have to do sprints or something like that, he would want them to as well,” his coach, Daquan Boyd, said. “So, that’s very exciting to see him actually get out there and do everything that they tried to do as well.”

Not only did Josiah make the middle school team, but he also started in the game Thursday night.

Watch the video here!

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