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Month: November 2022

Young man without legs makes his middle school’s basketball team

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WLKY) – A young man in Kentucky who was born without legs is inspiring others to go after their dreams.

Despite his disability, Josiah Johnson made the basketball team at his middle school in Louisville.

“It’s just like something had to do it. You know?” Josiah said. “I don’t want you to doubt me. I want to show you that I’m just as human as you are. And I’m just as good as you are, if not better than you.”

Josiah has been playing basketball since kindergarten, but this is his first year on a team. He’s never let any limitations slow him down.

“He shows up every day. If we have to do sprints or something like that, he would want them to as well,” his coach, Daquan Boyd, said. “So, that’s very exciting to see him actually get out there and do everything that they tried to do as well.”

Not only did Josiah make the middle school team, but he also started in the game Thursday night.

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The world’s oldest practicing doctor has become a TikTok sensation. At 100 years old, he says he wants to inspire young people to do what they love.

Dr Howard Tucker holds a Guinness World Record for being the oldest practicing doctor, having begun his career as a neurologist in 1947 and continuing to work on the frontlines for another 75 years, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But more recently, he’s made a big break into viral fame with his new TikTok account. 

Tucker’s grandson, named Austin, and his friend Taylor Taglianetti, who have been making a movie about Tucker for the past year, decided to make a TikTok account for the neurologist as a way to promote their project.

“He struggles with technology, so even being able to explain something like TikTok to him was really tough,” Taglianetti told Insider, and said she and Austin have been filming videos of Tucker to post on the platform during their spare time on set for the film.

Ever since the pair posted their first video of Tucker in July, he’s been explosively popular, gaining hundreds of thousands of views on the platform. Tucker said he doesn’t know why his career “deserves all of this attention,” but he’s hoping to inspire his younger viewers to find a job they’ll still love doing when they’re 100.

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Eakins Forms Fast Friendship with ‘Inspirational Young Man’

Ducks head coach Dallas Eakins spends his summers on the move.

An active guy at heart, Eakins has an unrelenting desire for self-improvement. Over the last few years, the Ducks bench boss has made a habit of traveling to observe prominent coaching staffs across multiple mediums, hoping to learn more about how others manage the challenges of overseeing a complex operation.

This past summer, one of those trips was to Tuscaloosa for some time studying the University of Alabama football program and legendary head coach Nick Saban.

Saban’s reign at the highest peaks of the college football world are well-known, as are his patented snark and obsessive attention to detail. He’s a seven-time national champion, a former NFL head coach and will surely go down as one of the best coaches in the history of the sport.

For Eakins, the trip was a chance to gain some valuable insight in a place much different from home, in the midst of one of the profession’s greats. What he didn’t expect was to meet an influential figure from just down the road, 30 years his junior.

In some ways, Eakins and Alex Chery are quite alike. Chery, a 16-year-old from Newport Beach, is a fitness fiend himself, constantly eager to learn more about self-improvement and what drives elite athletes.

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