Tim Shaw’s Courage, Strength and Determination on Full Display in “A Titans Story”

NASHVILLE – Eight years ago, Tim Shaw let the entire world know he’d been diagnosed with ALS.

His body already weakened, and his speech slurred by early signs of the disease, the former Titans linebacker bravely stood in front of teammates, coaches and reporters who watched him fearlessly do his job on football fields, and he made a promise to fight every day.

“It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to hear,” Shaw said of his diagnosis back in 2014, his voice cracking. “Every thought runs through your mind, but as a man you have a choice. What are you going to do? Are you going to stand up and fight for your life? Or are you going to accept what someone else tells you is reality and just fade away?

“As staggering as that news was, and as shocking as it was to hear and to say, I made that choice to stand up and live life to the fullest like I believe I always have.”

Shaw has kept his promise, and he’s inspired those who know him personally, as well as those who’ve grown to admire him from afar.

On Friday, the Tennessee Titans are sharing Shaw’s inspirational story in a video piece called “A Titans Story: Tim Shaw, presented by Permobil” which documents Shaw’s life journey from his days as a little boy to his high school days when he was known as “Touchdown Tim” to his days at Penn State to his six-year career in the NFL, which led him to Tennessee, and the Titans.

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