TSA Dog Sniffer Showered With Gifts at Retirement Party



There is no love stronger than a dog and his beloved Tennis ball. Onehardworking pup received the gift of a lifetime at his official retirement party.

TTirado the explosive detection dog at Indianapolis International Airport was showered with tennis balls at his retirement party. After a lengthy 8 year career of dedicated service for the Transportation Security Administration his final sniff was full of celebration. Surronded by his close friends and co-workers, the video shows TTirado’s excitement for his new presents.

TTirado was showered with his favorite toy of all time, the classic Tennis Ball, after sniffing his final bag of his lengthy career. He was regarded as the best in the business by his all of his close work colleagues.


Wishing you the best of luck in retirement Ttirado! Enjoy those tennis balls!


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