Father and Daughter Break Stroller Mile World Record

Rob Holcomb and his baby daughter Greta broke the stroller mile Guinness World Record! The calm, crisp air on the morning of January 23rd proved to be ideal conditions for a record setting day. After two previous attempts, the third time was certainly the charm. The tandem finished the four lap race in a dashing time of 4:53 besting the previous record by over 3 seconds. After just missing the record in their first two attempts, the calm winds on the third attempt helped Rob push through the line.

Only 5 months-old and Greta is already a World Record holder! Not a bad resume for someone who has been on planet Earth for less than a year! The duo’s record setting run is a great example of never giving up! Even after two failed attempts, Rob was able to overcome the barrier and set a new stroller mile World Record!

Rob and Greta training for their WR attempt

Congratulations Rob and Greta!

Teen Aviator Becomes Youngest Woman To Fly Around The World Solo


Belgian-British pilot Zara Rutherford, became the youngest woman pilot to fly Solo around the World. The 19-year-old pilot was draped in the flags of Belgium and United Kingdom after landing her ultralight Shark aircraft. The rigorous expedition took over five months and included 60 stops in five continent’s.

Rutherford beat the previous record set in 2017 by American aviator Shaesta Waiz, who was 30 at the time. In total the journey was over 32,000 miles and full of setbacks. The original plan was a three-month flight but mother nature had other plans for Zara. She details her journey of facing storms, wildfires and typhoons over the span of her six month journey.


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The hardest part of her journey occurred during cold flights over Siberia, where it was -35 degrees Celsius on the ground. North Korea was another large obstacle she had to overcome since the country has strict rules prohibiting foreign entries. This forced her to take a huge 6 hour detour over water to avoid flying over their land.

“If the engine were to stall, I’d be hours away from rescue and I don’t know how long I could have survived for.” said Rutherford.

Zara Rutherford hopes her record-setting flight will push more females to pursue aviation careers. Citing how just 5% of the worlds airline pilots are female. “I’m looking forward to telling people about my experience and encouraging people to do something crazy with your life.” exclaimed Rutherford.


TSA Dog Sniffer Showered With Gifts at Retirement Party




There is no love stronger than a dog and his beloved Tennis ball. Onehardworking pup received the gift of a lifetime at his official retirement party.

TTirado the explosive detection dog at Indianapolis International Airport was showered with tennis balls at his retirement party. After a lengthy 8 year career of dedicated service for the Transportation Security Administration his final sniff was full of celebration. Surronded by his close friends and co-workers, the video shows TTirado’s excitement for his new presents.

TTirado was showered with his favorite toy of all time, the classic Tennis Ball, after sniffing his final bag of his lengthy career. He was regarded as the best in the business by his all of his close work colleagues.


Wishing you the best of luck in retirement Ttirado! Enjoy those tennis balls!


“Reason to Win” a Letter from Baltimore Ravens Fan Matthew Jeffers

Matthew Jeffers

Matthew Jeffers was a senior at Towson University when he wrote an inspiring letter to the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens were on a 3 game losing stint when Matthew decided to write an email to the team in hopes of sparking a winning streak. His letter encouraged the team to stay the course and reassured them of their inner potential.

Standing at only 4-feet-2 inches, Matthew became the inspirational source the Ravens needed for a playoff push. His letter was a big part of their Super Bowl victory and steered the team in the right direction when they needed it most. Watch the video below for Matthew’s incredible insight and advice to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens.