Australian Farmer Draws Heart with Sheep in Tribute to Aunt


An Australian farmer is paying tribute to his aunt Debby who lost her two-year cancer battle.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Australia, Ben Jackson wasn’t able to say goodbye to his aunt, who lived 400 km away from him.

To pay tribute, the young man scattered grains across the farm, in the shape of a heart, then released his flock, with thousands of sheep on their way to munch on the grains, filling up the heart.

“I felt hopeless, helpless – I didn’t really know what to do. But because I was doing a bit of feeding already, I just decided to do a massive heart in the ground, which in all earnest, pales in comparison to hers,” he told BBC News.

The results of the sheep coming together were captured through a drone on video, and since sharing it online, the video has gone viral. It was being shared across social media, and being played on Australian TV.

“She would be proud as a punch to see so many people smiling and enjoying the heart I’ve made for her. It’s just love. Love’s sensational.”

Watch the video of the flock coming together, shaping a heart.



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