This Train Ticketing Startup Will Plant a Tree Every Time You Buy a Ticket


A startup company in the UK is offering green incentives to encourage travelers to go to their destination in a sustainable manner.

The new train ticketing startup, Trainhugger, is pledging to plant a tree for every journey booked through its site.

According to the startup, purchasing a ticket comes at no extra cost to the passenger, as the ends up costing the same as its competitors.

“This is a really easy way for people to change their behavior and become greener, without costing them anymore,” said Trainhugger CEO and founder, Ed Caldecott. “If you’re planning a trip, book your train ticket with us and we’ll plant a tree in your name.”

Trainhugger has teamed up with two Forestry Societies, the Royal Forestry Society and the Royal Scottish Forestry Society to optimize the planting and discuss which species of trees are best planted around the areas.

According to Trainhugger, you can currently book tickets through their official website, however, an app will be coming soon.


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