Reddit Users Shower Boy with Stuffed Sea Animals After Learning His Mom Can’t Afford One


A single mom took to Reddit to post on the platform a picture of a gift she handcrafted after not being able to afford one for her son. She posted a photo of a stuffed manta ray made using one of her son’s old baby blankets.

“My son wanted a stuff manta ray for his 5th birthday but I didn’t have money to buy one so instead I converted his old baby blanket into one! (Hand sewn),” she wrote.

After two weeks, her post went viral, gaining more than 66,000 likes and thousands of supporting comments.

“This is cute!!! He’ll love it. And it’ll be a beloved stuffy that his parent went out of the way to create for him. I bet he’ll keep it forever,” one user wrote.

Soon enough, the mother who posted on the forum ‘PovertyFinance’ was flooded with requests from strangers requesting to send her five-year-old son stuffed sea animals. She then posted a follow up photo, grateful for all the “overwhelming love and support” she received from the internet.

“I posted here a few days ago about making my son a manta ray because I couldn’t afford one.

Look what y’all did for my baby. You are all amazing,” she said. “I never expected this to get more than a few views, honestly thought I’d get roasted. Thank you for making a mom who has been fighting like hell for her kids and is exhausted and defeated feel loved. You guys are amazing. Truly, even if it sounds cringe, I know it’s just Reddit but y’all have lifted my spirits tonight and I cannot overstate how thankful I am for that.”

Watch the video below of her son playing with the Reddit birthday gifts.



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