High School Students Design Baby Stroller Attachment for Wheelchair


A group of high school students has invented a stroller attachment for wheelchairs allowing people with disabilities to safely stroll their babies while on a walk.

Led by the students’ teacher, Matt Zigler, the students from Bullis School in Maryland developed the invention which goes by the name of WheeStroll, for their class which is called Making for Social Good.

Its aim is to make it safe and simple to make, so it would be accessible to many people in need.

This idea was originally brought up by new parents Chelsie King, and Jeremy King – who has impaired mobility, who were in the search for devices to assist Jeremy in safely carry their child. So Chelsie recruited the help of her colleague, innovation and lab coordinator Zigler.

According to Designboom, this stroller attachment consists of a child car seat and is enclosed in a frame and attached to the wheelchair.

In fact, Zigler even made an instructional video, so anyone in need can build their own wheelchair attachment.

You can see the full parts list and step-by-step instructions here.

Watch the video below to see how you can DIY your own wheelchair stroller attachment.


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