Julie Bowen of ‘Modern Family’ and Sister Help Injured Woman


Actor Julie Bowen of ‘Modern Family’ and her sister was on a hike last week at Utah’s Arches National Park when they saw a woman who fainted and hit her head on a rock after stopping to rest.

‘They could have just ignored me, passed on, but they didn’t,” Minnie John told CNN News. “She could have gone on – she must have had a busy agenda that was disturbed because of me. They treated me, a stranger, with love and respect.”

John and her family were on a trip in Arches, to cross hiking and seeing the Delicate Arch off her “bucket list.” The arch is a four-story sandstone perched on the rim of a deep red rock canyon. John stopped after an hour and a half to take a rest, telling her husband and son to go ahead so she could take a rest, as she couldn’t go any farther.

John shared the events in a three-part Facebook post, along with photos of her experience. She wrote in one of the posts, “All I remember is sitting there with my head in my hands secure on the rock,” she continued. “Next thing I hear someone with a familiar voice kept asking me questions.”

She told CNN that Bowen, her sister, Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer, and a guide were also hiking along with the Delicate Arch, that’s when “the guide saw [her] fall forward.”

The three of them ran to John and found that she broke her nose, as well as the skin around her nose. They cleaned her up, and gave her electrolytes, as John was severely dehydrated from not having any food since breakfast. Bowen, who played “Claire” in ‘Modern Family’ assured John was going to be OK and then used her phone to call her son.



As they waited for John’s son and husband, she took advantage of the moment and asked if she could take a picture.

“They were so down to earth, so genuine, so sweet: Not at all how you might expect a big actor or a big doctor to be – which they are. They were just so humble, so loving.”

“I knew I’d never meet them again but I appreciated and admired the human part of what they did — selfless, not selfish,” she expressed. “We tend to forget the daily kindnesses we encounter. We’re blind to everything around us and don’t imagine that people will be so good, kind, and caring.”


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