This Restaurant Built a Bench for Their Employee with Special Needs Who Desired to be a Cook


A restaurant in Virginia has come up with a unique way to accomplish one of its best employee’s desires.

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade,” wrote the restaurant on Facebook.

Jordyn’s Deli in Falling Waters is a special kind of restaurant that supports their special needs employment. One of their employees, Angelina, desired to be a cook and when the owners of the restaurant found out, they built a new bench to overcome one of the obstacles, so Angelina could be the Deli’s cook.

“You find a way to make it happen,” they wrote. “You move a couple pieces of equipment around so she can reach. You take some wood, screws and the skills of a local craftsman (her grandfather ????) to make her a perch. And you step back to watch her live out a dream. Angelina’s Reubens. Nothing any better.”

The restaurant has since received a lot of positive notes and is being celebrated for hiring employees with special needs.

According to the Deli’s website, employees with special needs receive the same treatment as everyone else.

“Their work provides a true benefit and we are stronger because of their contributions.”


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