This 7-Year-Old is Tackling Bullies with Inspirational Videos


A 7-year-old from Tiverton, Rhode Island, has been posting inspirational videos on YouTube about school fears, self-image, and a lot more.

For Rowyn Montgomery, posting these videos “makes him feel happy that other people can watch them and feel happy.”

After being bullied at school, he didn’t want others to feel alone, and that’s when he decided to talk about what he went through.



“I have a unibrow and I used to be picked on because of it. But I don’t care because I’m myself!” Rowyn says. “With bullies, it doesn’t matter what they think about you, it matters what you think about yourself and it’s good to embrace yourself and tell other people who you are.”

Rowyn’s mom Michelle helps him post videos to his YouTube channel “Rollin’ with Rowyn.” She helps him post videos about everything related to back-to-school nerves, anxiety, COVID, and other issues that kids may face.

Rowyn hopes that his videos will help remind other kids that everyone is awesome in their own way.

“Everybody’s different and everyone is good in their own ways.”

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