There’s a New Cookbook for People Suffering from Long Covid


A new cookbook has been created for people whose taste buds have been affected by Covid.

These recipes were written by two food writers, with aims to stimulate the taste buds.

Ryan Riley and Kimberley Duke are food writers and co-founders of Life Kitchen, a non-profit cookery school for people whose tastes were affected by cancer treatment. The two created this free cookbook, to help those who have a distorted sense of smell, also known as parosmia. This can make your food items like vegetables, and coffee taste repulsive. According to studies, many as 41 per cent of all cases could be affected.

“Taste & Flavour had to be different because of Covid,” Riley said. “We had to flip what we knew about writing recipes on its head.”

Duke and Riley have been experimenting with food flavours since 2018. By playing around with different flavours, it helped the duo rethink recipes from scratch.

“We’re not just relying on garlic and onions, and all of the typical flavour profiles,” he said.
In fact, they’ve consulted food scientists, who suggested combining the five flavour elements – aroma, layering, texture, trigeminal food sensations and umami to create their meals.

This new book reveals an array of dishes including a fiery tomato soup with sesame seed butter toast and veggie pineapple tacos with red peppers and feta.

The digital cookbook is now available and can be downloaded for free.


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