Teenager with Special Needs Raises Money for Charity Through 1,600 Acts of Kindness


Since the start of the pandemic, this 18-year-old has been carrying out a random act of kindness every single day.

Sebbie Hall, a teenager who has a rare chromosome anomaly, meaning there was a high chance he would never walk or talk, started a kindness marathon after wanting to gift his own iPad to a friend of his, so they could conduct Zoom calls during the early stages of the pandemic. Since then, the teenager has performed at least one act of kindness every single day, conducting more than 1,600 so far.

Sebbie has watered gardens, posted mail for isolating locals, washed cars, walked neighbor’s pets, and has also baked cakes for nurses. He’s also handed out PPE, collected unwanted Halloween pumpkins, and turned them into soup and pies for the needy, as well as gave warm coats to the homeless.

That’s not all he’s done though. With all the good deeds Sebbie has done, he’s received donations racking up to $39,000, which he’s donated to other charities.

In fact, the money he’s donated has paid for 300 families to get adapted IT devices and has funded a disability rugby team.



For Sebbie, doing these simple acts of kindness is his “superpower,” and he’s not stopping anytime soon. “I want to raise more money and make people more happy.”

His kind deeds caught the attention of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who thanked the young man for his “wonderful determination.”

Sebbie’s next goal is to raise money for physical therapy suites by running two miles every day, and he most probably won’t stop there.


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