13-Year-Old Sky Brown Wins Bronze in Women’s Skateboarding Making Her Britain’s Youngest Medalist


Sky Brown, 13, has skated her way to winning bronze for the women’s park skateboarding.

In 2020, the young Olympian suffered a major crash while attempting a trick on the mega ramp. It left her with 13 skull fractures, a broken left arm, and lacerated lungs. Her parents tried to persuade her to quit skateboarding, but Sky never gave up. She told The Guardian.

“I kind of knew I was always going to come here.”

“It was a hard time for my parents and a hard time for a lot of people, and coming back and getting bronze is really cool. I’m really happy. It’s really made me stronger,” she said.



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During the final skateboarding event in Tokyo, Sky had some small falls while trying to nail some of her skateboarding tricks, like the kickflip indy, but she didn’t let that stop her and kept going until she finally landed on the third attempt.

“I didn’t really care what place I got I wanted to land my trick.”

By successfully nailing her trick, it moved her up into third place, giving her the chance to share the podium with her best friend Sakura Yosozumi, who represents Japan, and who won the gold medal.




Sky hopes she can inspire other young athletes to compete while reminding one another to always believe in themselves.

“I really hope I can inspire some girls. I feel like people think I’m too young, so I can’t do it but, if you believe in yourself, you can do anything.”

“I believed in myself and I’m here!”



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