How to Meditate When You’re an Overthinker


If you’re someone who struggles to focus while meditating because you’re constantly overthinking, you might believe meditation might just not be for you. Well, that’s not the case. According to experts, meditating successfully is possible, even when you’re battling with overactive thoughts.

Here are five tips on how to successfully meditate.


Curate a space in your home just for meditating

Meditating isn’t an easy task, especially in the early stages. You’ve got to surround yourself in an environment that’s peaceful, and away from your personal work.

For that, it’s best to create a space in your home just for meditation. It can be a small corner, especially if there isn’t much space around.

You could have a designated chair, a candle, or an incense stick lit up with a desirable, relaxing scent, or you could sit in front of one of your favorite images. This can then help create a more peaceful environment that will also clear your mind.

Over time you’ll be able to tap into the meditative state you want to reach, especially when you’re not at home.



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Have a consistent schedule

Whether it’s to take time to journal your thoughts, to complete a project, to meal prep, or to meditate – having a routine is a habit that will calm our thoughts.

Even if it’s just scheduling in 10 minutes to meditate, consistently practicing meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis helps your brain successfully focus on the practice.



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Start off with some breathing exercises

By starting off your practice with some control breathwork, it helps free your mind. In fact, many meditation practices focus on breathing, which benefits the mental and emotional state.

However, simply slowing down your breath, calms your nervous system and reduces feelings of anxiety. While you’re paying attention to your breath, it brings focus and relief from overthinking.



Use a meditation app

Meditating can be done in many ways. There are pre-recorded guided meditations that can help the mind focus on one thing alone, and that’s the voice coming into your ears from the guiding voices.

Although this might not bring your mind into total silence, it’s still very powerful in achieving the benefits of meditation.

There is a wide range of videos and recordings that can fit your goals, whether it be a meditation for better focus, sleep, or reducing anxiety.

A variety of apps are available online, with the most popular ones being Headspace and Calm.



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Remember that overthinking is normal

If you’re still struggling to completely silence your mind, just remember that racing thoughts are completely normal. It takes time for your mind to adjust into silence, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

“Meditation is not sitting in a specific position with your palms turned upwards and your mind blank. Meditation is finding a brief sense of peace and stillness wherever you may be during a period of dedicated practice,” LCSW psychotherapist Haley Neidich told Healthline.



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In conclusion, take your time when practicing meditation. With a few simple changes, meditation could soon turn into a form of relaxation and self-exploration.


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