Woman with Cerebral Palsy to Climb Stairs for Nonprofit Helping People with Disabilities


A woman with cerebral palsy has decided to climb as many stairs as she can on July 22, for a nonprofit organization raising money to help people with disabilities.

Becca Neels, 24, has cerebral palsy, a brain disorder that is usually present from birth. It leaves a person’s limbs rigid, weak, or floppy, making it very hard for a person to maintain their balance or coordinate their limbs in other ways.

Neels decided she’d take on this challenge to raise money for a cause she feels connected to. The nonprofit — called Adaptable Outdoors — helps people with cerebral palsy overcome the physical and mental barriers that keep them from spending time outside. For Neels, it means she can continue enjoying some of her favorite activities, like kayaking, fishing, and hiking.

“I’ve come to realize that God has created me the way he’s created me for a reason… To be a voice for people with disabilities and to help people in general,” she told The Morning News. “The reality is, everyone has a disability, the difference is that some are visible and some are not.”


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