Supermodel Ashley Graham Reminds Fans to “Love the Skin You’re in”


Supermodel Ashley Graham has always been an advocate for body positivity, and now, with summer approaching, the model has taken to Instagram spreading a body-positive message.

The model shared photos of different body types, in hopes to motivate her fans to love the skin they’re in. She wrote in the caption “Believe me when I say your body is beautiful, and I know it’s easy to tell yourself the lie that you’re not good enough, thin enough, sexy enough, ‘flawless’ enough to wear a tank top or a swimsuit, but it’s hot out there and so are you.”


The post consists of various body types, with stretch marks, and showing the confidence each one of them has. The last photo is a photo of Graham nude, with little to no makeup.

The first photo included the caption “Beautiful. End of Discussion.” In the post’s caption, she concluded it by reminding her fans to live their life to the fullest and to remember to say ‘I love you’ to yourself every day.

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