Sesame Street Tackles Anti-Asian Bullying with New Video


Sesame Street is tackling Anti-Asian bullying in their new segment ‘Proud of Your Eyes.’

The video features a Filipino American girl, Analyn, who is teased because of the shape of her eyes but who learns to love her features. Her friends Wes and Alan sing a song about how eyes are beautiful and can tell the story of a person’s family. Lyrics include: “Your eyes tell the story of your family. They show where you came from, and how you came to be. The color, the shape, and the size should always make you proud of your eyes.”

According to the Sesame Workshopa nonprofit educational organization behind “Sesame Street,” 86% of children say they believe people of different races aren’t always treated fairly, and parents have reported that half of these children had personally experienced some form of discrimination.

The video is part of Sesame Workshop’s program The ABCs of Racial Literacy,’ which provides an educational curriculum on racial justice for young children.


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