Father from Wisconsin Breaks 31-Year World Record for 1.5 Million Push-Ups


A father of three from Wisconsin scored a new world record by doing 1.5 million pushups over the course of a single year. He’s performed 3,000 pushups while competing in a marathon, and another 5,000 during a 31-mile trail race.

In June of 2020, Nate Carroll, 45, decided it was time to go on a mission. He was hoping to teach his children a lesson in the power of perseverance by offering them an example in real-time.

The social worker told FOX News “[I wanted to] demonstrate to my kids what goals that seem impossible look like when they are broken down into daily manageable chunks.”

Carroll also committed to raising money for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, an organization dedicated to easing financial burdens for the families of fallen first responders.

His biggest challenge? Finding the time to get thousands of push-ups in, while working his full-time job and sharing parental custody. But he didn’t let that stop him. Whatever opportunity came his way, he gave it his all.

“You have to really make it a priority and be willing to commit to it and embrace the fact that you have to weave that into your day,” Carroll told the Wisconsin State Journal.

On June 6 of this year, and with time to spare, Carroll completed the countdown to his record-breaking goal. He crossed into the world-record territory at the 50-yard at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, during a halftime ceremony at the 48th annual Fun City Bowl.

In a statement issued by the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, Carroll said, “I want this record to pay tribute to the sacrifice made by so many heroes that tragic day [September 11].”

In addition to surpassing the previous pushup record, he’s been diligently documenting his accomplishments with a time-lapse video and a logbook, with the aim of claiming a new Guinness World Record. The current titleholder of the pushup record has held it for almost 32 years.

“Winning those mini-battles each day builds strength and shapes one’s perspective of what is possible,” he said.

Watch below Carroll and his three kids performing pushups for the Tunnels to Towers Foundation.


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