Listening to Nature is Good for Your Health, According to New Research


A new study from Michigan State University, Colorado State University, and Carleton University shows that natural sound creates an impact on human health. It’s probably something you’ve noticed on your own: that the sounds of nature — the wind blowing through a stand of trees, or a stream flowing nearby — can be relaxing. But the study establishes that the sound of nature can actually decrease stress and pain, improve cognitive function, and enhance mood.

The researchers aren’t quite sure why the correlation between natural sounds and health exists. However, they do believe it’s because the sounds of nature prompt our brains to shift our focus forward, decreasing stress.

Interesting, different sounds affect us differently. For example, bird sounds were most effective at lowering stress and annoyance, while the sound of water can enhance awareness, relaxation, and tranquility.

According to the researchers, if you don’t have easy access to natural spaces, you can block man-made noise by playing something like an ocean sounds playlist. Even if the sounds of nature aren’t organic, they can still provide benefits to your health.


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