NYPD is Offering Free Self-Defense Classes to Help Support the Asian Community


The NYPD is hosting in-person self-defense classes for the city’s Asian community. They hope to support that community by showing them how to protect themselves.

NYPD Inspector and head of the Asian Hate Crimes Task Force, Tommy Ng, told ABC7, “I don’t want Asian Americans to be afraid to go about their daily life. I want to build confidence in the Asian community. No one should be afraid of walking down the street, taking the train.”

New York has seen an increase in Asian hate crimes, and since officers can’t be on every corner, every second of the day, the police decided to give Brooklyn residents the means to protect themselves.



A college student who attended one of the classes told ABC7 he’d like to follow up with more lessons over the summer. “You can have a lot of power, but if you don’t have technique, you could be defenseless,” said Derrick Tsang.

Given the necessity and popularity of the classes, the NYPD has decided to offer another free self-defense course on Sunday in Chinatown.

Watch Inspector Tommy Ng giving some tips self-defense tips in the video below. 



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