12-Year-Old Boy Defends His Siblings Against Two Vicious Dogs


A young boy who risked his life protecting his siblings from two dogs has now raised over $37,000 towards his medical expenses from hundreds of strangers.

Deacon Ashmore, 12, was badly injured after he was viciously mauled by dogs while defending his three younger siblings.

Clete Bontrager, Deacon’s pastor at the Restore Church of Detroit, organized a GoFundMe page to help with the boy’s medical expenses. More than 690 people have contributed to the account, with one anonymous donor kicking in an incredible $10,000.

Peter Ashmore, Deacon’s father, wrote to the Detroit Free Press about the funds raised. “We are so grateful that so many perfect strangers have rallied to support Deacon!”

Deacon had surgery to repair his calf and is now recovering at home after being bitten by a dog that got loose in the neighborhood.

Bontrager told Newsweek that he’s known Deacon for years, ever since the boy came to the US from Ethiopia. “We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love Deacon has received both locally and literally around the world,” he said.

Deacon said that he was outside playing with his two sisters and his youngest brother — plus a few other children — when two dogs got loose and ran after them.

Deacon’s mother Elisabeth Ashmore said he “jumped in front of all the other kids and made sure they could run home really fast before the dog got them.”

She said his leg was severely mauled, to the point that his bone was visible. There was a lot of blood, but he luckily did not have any broken bones. He’s now in recovery, and according to Ashmore, he’s home on crutches.

Many of the GoFundMe donors have praised Deacon’s act of bravery, with one saying, “God bless you and your family. I hope my little bit eases the pain in your leg.” Another said: “God bless your bravery! Your siblings are lucky that you thought so quickly! Get well soon little hero!”


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