Angelina Jolie Covers Herself in Bees for World Bee Day


Angelina Jolie has covered herself in bees for a photo shoot with National Geographic. The actor was looking to shine a spotlight on World Bee Day, which took place on the 20th of May. The day celebrates bees and other pollinators while also raising awareness about the threats these insects face.

Pollinators are essential for propagating over 75% of food crops, and unfortunately, the extinction risk for these insects is rising as a result of human activities.

Jolie told National Geographic in an interview, “Pollinators of course are extremely vital to our life and our environment. And so, we have to understand scientifically what happens if we lose them.”



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She has teamed up with the UNESCO-Guerlain program, a program that trains women as beekeeper-entrepreneurs and protectors of native bee habitats around the world. She wants to bring attention to the available solutions and is optimistic that concerted efforts can solve this urgent problem.

According to National Geographic, the program aims to build 2,500 native beehives and protect 125 million bees by 2025.

Dan Winters, an amateur beekeeper and photographer, said that during the shoot, “Angelina stood perfectly still, covered in bees for 18 minutes without a sting.” Winters was inspired by a famous 1981 Richard Avedon portrait of a bald California beekeeper, whose naked torso was covered in bees. The photo shoot had to be set in a quiet and dark area to keep the bees calm, and everyone but Jolie wore protective gear.



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You can read more about the project — and the bees — here.


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