What to Do When You’re Feeling Stuck

With not much variety in our personal or professional lives this year, many of us have found ourselves in a rut: unmotivated, unenthusiastic, and uninterested.

There’s no easy answer for getting out of a rut, of course, but Healthline offers some practical suggestions for turning things around.

Some of those suggestions are simple, like giving your brain a break. The idea here is that unfocusing ourselves (letting go of our typical patterns and routines) can spur creativity, and lead to new ways of doing things.

They also suggest letting go of perfectionism; not just because it can slow our work, but because focusing too much on mistakes can lead to anxiety and depression.

Importantly, Healthline puts self-reflection front and center. They point out that what we see as a rut could, in fact, be something more serious: it could point to clinical depression, for example. Far from being alarmist, it’s a good reminder to check in on ourselves, and to ask ourselves why we’re feeling what we’re feeling.

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