“Young man, that’s the nicest thing anybody has done for me since my husband died.”


“TL;DR: Got married, in a never ending good mood, helped an elderly lady who lost her husband, her gratitude has me thinking about the love they must have shared for years.”


From new adventures you never thought you’d take to late-night texts you never thought you’d send, love can make you do some crazy things.

Fortunately, it can also make you do some great things, as redditor u/dcisco51 recently discovered.

“I got married last Friday. Just at the court house, thanks Covid, so no honeymoon(yet),” he recently shared on r/feel good. “But ever since I’ve been in the best mood.”

And he was still in a heightened state of marital bliss a few days later, when he drove to the pharmacy in the pouring rain to run some errands.

“As my friend and I got out of the car I noticed an elderly lady unloading her cart into her car. She had it sitting under the awning of the store and was making trips while leaving the door open. Her car was getting soaked.”

Still beaming from their recent nuptials and feeling particularly warm toward their fellow human beings u/dcisco51 offered to carry the rest of the woman’s groceries for her.



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