Matthew McConaughey gives one of the most inspirational speeches you’ll ever hear



“We’ve all got two wolves in us.”


Long before he was an Oscar winning-actor (and potential Gubernatorial candidate in Texas), Matthew McConaughey was well known for a philosophical approach to life that values motivation and emphasizes action. (No wonder he’s his own inspiration.)


He coined the phrase “Just Keep Living” to embody his proactive approach to tackling life by the horns, and has given multiple inspirational speeches to motivate everyone from business executives to the Texas Longhorns football team.


Fortunately for those of us who can’t afford to hire the A-list actor to fire us up each morning, YouTube channel Absolute Motivation has given us the next best thing: a super cut of some of McConaughey’s most inspiring, motivational and engine-revving speeches.


Take a look in the video above and throw it on any time you find yourself feeling low, and need to launch a McConaissance of your own.

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