CBC: “Man who needs kidney receives gift of new home”


Making ends meet is hard for a lot of families, but it’s especially difficult when one parent can’t work, is waiting for a kidney transplant, and has to spend nine hours each night on a dialysis machine.

But as Canada’s CBC reports, that’s exactly the situation Alvero Wiggins and his wife Chelsie found themselves in when Alvero was diagnosed with kidney failure.

Because Alvero could no longer work, the family had to move out of the home they were renting in the west end of Halifax and into public housing that was so neglected, it was literally infested with rats.

“It’s terrible to raise your kids in conditions that aren’t fit for human beings,” Alvero told the CBC. “We had to threaten to bring TV cameras in order for them to take us serious.”

The situation seemed dire… until a guardian angel stepped in to offer the family a miracle… a $100,000 miracle, to be more precise.

Check out the full story on the CBC to find out how an amazing act of generosity led to a dream home for the Wiggins family.

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